Record Numbers for Smaller Earth’s Online Hiring Fairs

Mike Haycock
14 Nov 2023
5 min
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With a global shift in attitudes towards hiring and recruitment within cultural exchange, Smaller Earth’s adoption of online hiring has been a big success.

In what are currently trying times, offering flexibility, accessibility, and time/financial efficiency have proven to be key factors in influencing attendance and placements positively.

The final round of Camp Leaders Online Hiring Fairs for the 2023 season took place last week, with interview requests reaching a record 1000+ and the majority of attendees securing their dream role at summer camp. This follows December and January’s successful events, each equalling these numbers.

For Resort Leaders, location-targeted hiring fairs (with a quicker setup time) have resulted in greater attendance, applicant accountability, and placement numbers, bringing key stakeholders together quicker than ever.

The move to Online Hiring Fairs presents new opportunities to widen the placement pool for our partners, thanks to the increased accessibility of the fairs for applicants. This was well represented in our latest round of recruitment, with over 25 countries represented, the most diverse in the industry.

Implementing Online Hiring Fairs has also contributed to mitigating controllable effects on the environment. With a reduced overall carbon footprint compared to traditional fairs, online hiring plays a wider part in helping the planet.

The success of the three Camp Leaders Online Hiring Fairs and the ongoing Resort Leaders weekly fairs provides insightful data on how the market is reacting and adapting to recruitment.

As conversations continue and attitudes fluctuate on the relationship between online and in-person fairs, Smaller Earth will continue to incorporate innovative approaches to cultural exchange recruitment.

The wealth of information gained from this year’s fairs and new, innovative features means 2024 recruitment is well-placed to pass current results and become our most successful one yet.

Mike Haycock
Senior Content Marketing Specialist