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Resort Leaders provides staffing solutions to resorts who are looking to fill out their seasonal roster with talented and motivated people from around the world.

"With Resort Leaders, our team is able to create an international talent sourcing platform and connect with hospitality students around the globe. Resort Leaders remains reliable and efficient throughout the entire recruitment cycle and they truly care for their participants and host companies alike."

Sarah Jones

Talent & Culture Manager, Auberge Resorts Collection

Resort Leaders

Resort staffing made easy.

Established in 2014, Resort Leaders specialises in providing staff to high-end resorts across America and the Caribbean.

Operating both summer work and travel and up to 12 month intern and traineeships Resort Leaders help resorts recruit for a wide variety of roles, from food and beverage to marketing interns.

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YoY growth in 2022

Life-changing and skill enhancing programs for students around the world.

Resort Leaders prides itself on working with only the best hotels and resorts in the United States to provide genuine cultural exchange opportunities that build real world transferrable skills and promote cross cultural learning.

Summer Work and Travel

A cultural exchange program that allows students to work at resorts in the USA for their summer months. Students can work in a variety of roles from housekeeping to lifeguarding.

Internship and Traineeship

A professional exchange program that allows final year students and graduates from the areas such as gastronomy, marketing and HR to work for up to 12 months in a 4 & 5 star resort.

Bringing the world to America.

Resort Leaders participants build new skills, explore new places, and meet new people from around the world.

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