Inspiring people to go further.

Smaller Earth is our house of brands offering meaningful cultural exchange programs including work and travel, internships and summer camp jobs.

On a mission to make a difference.

Global leaders in cultural exchange.

Smaller Earth brings together all of the Group's cultural exchange brands under one house with the goal of promoting cultural exchange to a global audience via content and media.

global participants since 1999
cultural exchange programs
Experts in brand building.

A house of life-changing brands.

Smaller Earth specialise in building brands across the globe, creating some of the world's most distinctive cultural exchange brands. Each of our brands are built to serve distinct markets and provide exceptional customer experience.

Making the world a little bit Smaller...

Smaller Earth's aim has been to make this big world feel a little bit smaller. Through our brands and content, we are constantly innovating to make help more and more people experience the life-changing impact of cultural exchange.

Industry leading brands

Smaller Earth prides itself its ability to create, launch and grow industry leading brands. From Camp Leaders to Adventure China

World-class content

Through our Creator network of experienced world travellers Smaller Earth produces original content that highlights the benefits of travel and inspires people to go further.

Positively impacting people around the world.

Whether it's Camp Leaders, Camp Canada or Resort Leaders our participants have a life-changing experience.

Smaller Earth

Inspiring people to go further.

To learn more about cultural exchange or to partner with Smaller Earth visit the website below or contact us.