Our History


Smaller Earth Group was not the starting point, but it was a new beginning. 

We started our journey in 1999, when Camp Leaders in America was established, to give students the opportunity to work at camps in the United States. This life-changing cultural exchange experience swiftly grew in popularity and before long, we had catapulted ourselves into the spotlight, where we now sit as a trusted and well-known leader in the industry.

2007 came along and brought with it Smaller Earth. We knew that these life-changing experiences were not just limited to America, and that adventure could be found anywhere, so we diversified as a company and introduced a range of international travel programmes, all connected by a common theme; having a positive impact. 

With an expansion across ten different countries quickly following suit, we decided it was time to develop related business opportunities and showcase the amazing services we had to offer. And so Smaller Earth Group was born; our new beginning. 

From then, we have grown and expanded across thirteen countries, developed new brands such as Cleversteam, an independent systems development company, and in 2016, established a central services department to carry out global marketing and communication initiatives. 

Fueled by talented, passionate staff members committed to our values, our journey continues on. To this day, we continue to expand, make connections and ultimately make a difference, and that’s a path we’re enjoying taking. 

Smaller Earth Group was not the starting point, but a new beginning, and with new beginnings come wonderful opportunities to grow.