We are a global company who embrace a vision to positively impact 20 million people by 2020. We inspire individuals to go further personally, professionally, and geographically through our cultural exchange programs.
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Bastian Weinberger
Bastian has been with the company since 2007. His passion and drive has played a key part in the company’s global expansion and, as CEO, he takes overall responsibility for the success of Smaller Earth Group and incorporated brands.
Iza Gyuricza
As Chief Operations Officer, Iza's main responsibilities include all operational decisions, analysing data to evaluate how we as a company are performing, and overseeing our quest for marginal gains by improving and streamlining all of our operational processes.
Alex Fekete
Director of Sales
Alex has been with Smaller Earth since 2005. In 2014, he joined Group in the position of Director of Sales, where he is responsible for developing exciting new Smaller Earth programmes as well as overseeing the growth and success of current program sales.
Rob Burchell
Business Development Director
Rob works to support the growth, development and sustainability of our business units. He does this by sharing best practice, analysing trends and behaviours, and supporting staff in terms of self development.
Dave Robinson
Co-Founder and Group Chair
Dave is one of our company founders. He takes the lead on non-travel related business development opportunities, such as Sport Makers and Cleversteam. Born and bred in Liverpool, Dave co-launched Camp Leaders back in 1999, and has played an active part in the business ever since.
Dean Maddocks
Head of Marketing
Head of Marketing, Dean Maddocks, leads a global digital marketing team, providing expertise and execution for country offices, sharing best practices and championing brand consistency. Dean's team cover all aspects of digital marketing including SEO, social media and content writing.
Natalie Brown
International Financial Controller
Natalie joined Smaller Earth Group in September 2017. After working in the finance sector for 15 years, Natalie joined us to work on a global level, across all of our business units. With a love of travel and passion for adventure, she's a great fit for the team!
Mike Peters
Head of Operations
As Head of Operations, Mike heads up an operational dream team who ensure that, on a daily basis, all operations are running smoothly, and decisions to improve and enhance staff and user experience are made and executed efficiently.